Lavasoft Digital Lock

Lavasoft Digital Lock 7.7

Digital Lock's encryption technology allows you to securely store or send files
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LavaSoft Digital Lock is an encryption suite for Windows. All our files are never secure if we just leave them to be. Every time we send or receive a file, whatever it might be, regardless of from where we are sending them, somebody could we watching. And it isn't really hard to intercept our files. LavaSoft Digital Lock ensures that the files that you send or keep in your computer are encrypted. This utility boasts AES 256 bit encryption, so your files are guaranteed to have a strong protection. You can even encrypt an encrypted file for added protection. When you encrypt a file you are given the option to shred it. Shredding files will make them unrecoverable. This application includes a free file reader for the recipients of your encrypted files. All the other person has to do is insert the password that you have used. Lavasoft Digital Lock will keep your so valuable files protected and is really not hard at all to use. All you need to do is add a file, provide a password and send the file.

José Fernández
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